SHOOT: Herb N Cooking: Dessert

VOILA! prepare to meet your maker.

Mustapha is a highly skilled and professionally trained chef. But like most descendents of the African Diaspora, he does his best work in environments of scarcity. So when the munchies descended one evening, Chef Mu created magic in the form of dessert, using the various and sundry snackies found in my kitchen. Feast your eyes on this ginger-infused, yamtastic pineapplicious pear pound cake creation that was too complex for a real name but not too complex to get GOT in about 2 minutes. Hats off to the chef. Check out Chef Mustapha’s work at


sweetened condensed evil

brown sugar, cloves and strawberry jelly

fine sea salt



what else you got in here?

breakfast with tiffany; dessert with mu

that sweet potato never stood a chance

cooking haberdashery


i got excited

comic sans pound cake

chopped :)

a pat of butter


julienne the ginger

stop looking at me

getting into a cooking trance

chef abercrombie

preferred by chefs AND the kid

saute the cinnamon and ginger

chef boogie

chef hot in this hat

add the yams

grate more cinnamon atop

workin hard

add sesame seeds







vanilla extract

brown sugar gilded

simmer pineapple in its own juices

more ginger! for the pineapple

COFFEE! for later

butter in a cast iron skillet

pound cake

browned to perfection


meanwhile, back at the ranch

chef focused

ever so gently

consenting dessert

we didn't forget about you

or you

slice the lemon zest thinly


for the garnish

stir the jelly

ready the yams

the layout

this isn't even done and it's just... dumb

yes. that's the condensed milk.

missing just ONE thing

VOILA! prepare to meet your maker.